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01 juin 2018
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13 février 2018
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Sélection: Cadre U16 Men

Nom PhotoDate naissanceTaille Position de jeu Club affiliéClub à l'étranger
ARENDT Mathieu 2003-06-21 Sparta Bertrange
BAUSTERT Pietro Nicola 2003-07-09 Arantia Larochette
BESLIJA Zino 2003-05-07 1.95 Forward Résidence Walferdange
BRAUN Colin 2002-04-15 Sparta Bertrange
CEMAN Dino 2002-09-29 T71 Dudelange
CEMAN Dino 2002-09-29 T71 Dudelange
DEMUTH Noah 2003-11-24 Résidence Walferdange
DIEDERICH Jonathan 2003-04-25 EXTERN
HANFLAND Benjamin 2002-07-08 Résidence Walferdange
HANSEN Pit 2003-07-30 Résidence Walferdange
JONSSON THORSTEINSSON Lenny 2003-04-28 Amicale Steinsel
KELLER Jeff 2002-02-02 T71 Dudelange
KURESEVIC Ivor Noa 2003-05-02 Amicale Steinsel
LEJEUNE Antoine 2002-02-22 1.91 Guard Amicale Steinsel
LOGELIN Max 2003-06-17 Sparta Bertrange
MOES Charel 2002-12-26 AB Contern
MOSSONG Jhang 2003-04-11 Amicale Steinsel
MUSY Maxence 2003-09-12 EXTERN
MUSY Maxence 2003-09-12 EXTERN
ORELLANA Ruben 2002-01-29 Mambra Mamer
RAMOS DIAS Diogo 2002-08-22 Black Star Mersch
REDING Louis 2002-06-14 AB Contern
SARCEVIC Lazar 2002-02-14 Telstar Hesperange
SCHUMANN Chris 2002-10-29 AB Contern
STREEF Sam 2003-12-03 Musel Pikes
THILL Damien 2003-03-28 Basket Esch
TOUSSAINT Nicolas 2003-01-23 1.80 Guard Sparta Bertrange
URWALD Ben 2003-04-12 1.94 Forward Résidence Walferdange
VAN WERWEKE Noa 2002-06-05 Etzella Ettelbruck

  NITTLER Christian Assistant Coach
  DEJWOREK Philip Head Coach

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Programme en cours et à venir

09.08.-18.08.2018 FIBA U16 European Championship Div.B 2018 x @ Sarajevo (BIH)
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Entraînements et stages prévus

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Actualités du cadre

22 août 2017
U16 boys finish the European Championship at the 20th place

U16 National Team arrived safe yesterday evening in Luxembourg after a fair participation in the European Championship in Bulgaria .
Ranked 20 out of 24 national teams , our squad could have reached a better result without the injuries of both Sam WOLTER and Chidi DENOVAN in the first two games of the tournament.
The lack of experience of most players, tiredness (1 game per day) and limited rotations were the constraints to make a better result. The last games (vs Denmark or Kosovo) were very close and could have gone in either direction. Luxembourg could have won 2 or 3 games more, but the boys still showed a respectable performance at times and always played with good attitude.
In general, it was a great experience for all players, especially the two young players DIEDRICH Jonathan and CEMAN Dino who were the youngest players in the tournament and can still participate at the U16 Men European Championship for at least one year.
The future belongs to this group of players who need to keep working hard and focus more to reach better rankings in the next seasons.


19 août 2017
Luxembourg lost against Denmark

An unexpected loss for our U16 national team against Denmark. 19 turnovers, easy missed lay ups and only 16 made free throws out of 32 were the main elements that explain our defeat last night.

Our boys weren't focused enough to come up with the win, especially when we were up by 8 points in the end of the first quarter.

Our boys didn't take advantage of the huge number of the free throws and the fouls made by the opponent, we missed the occasion to increase the gap. The opponent was patient in offense, using only penetrations and hitting some three point shots. The opponent managed to get back and take the lead after a huge empty passage from our side (15-0). In that time, our team missed gave up many open lay ups. Furthermore, the 3rd foul of Gil RECH and Davy DAVID didn't help coach BASIC to find a solution to stop the offense of the opponent who was leading with 35 to 30 at halftime.

The third and fourth quarters were resembling each other. Our squad didn´t manage to come back as we had trouble to score on the one side (missed free throws) and to stop the offense of Denmark on the other side. Our coaching staff tried to change the defense many times, but Luxembourg didn’t manage to take the lead. So finally Demark won the game with 75 to 68.

Our national team will play their last game for the 19th place this afternoon against Kosovo at 15 o'clock (Luxembourgish time).


TANI. T 6 pts

MELCHIOR. N 15 pts

VLAMINCK. F 14 pts

RECH. G 4 pts

KREPS. M 11 pts

DAVID. D 18 pts


You can find all statistics under this link:



18 août 2017
U16 Boys with their first win against Slovak Republic

Slovak Republic 54-59 Luxembourg

A deserved win last night for our squad after a close game against the Slovak Republic National Team.

The 1st quarter was dominated by the opponent who started the game with full court man to man defence and kept the lead from the beginning till the end of the quarter (18-15). Our squad had difficulties to enter the game directly, our rhythm was slow and our defence was not aggressive enough to stop the Slovak offense.

In the second quarter our boys organized their lines in defence and offense and got some offensive rebounds that allowed us to score out of second chances. Our boys could tie the score at several occasions due to the good communication in defence and the quick transition in offense (18-18 ,21-21,23-23 then 25-25). Noe MELCHIOR and Malcolm KREPS managed to make a good execution of the set plays which helped our squad to create open spaces and take the lead by 5 points. Unfortunately, in the last two minutes, the opponent took advantage of the lack of concentration of our boys and succeeded to tie the score at the end of the first half (34-34) after a lucky 3 points shot with the buzzer.

In the second half, our guys were so determined to win this game, they took the lead from the beginning till the end of the third quarter due to an aggressive defence that made our opponent feel uncomfortable in offense. Felix VLAMINCK succeeded to hit 2 three points in a row, while Davy DAVID and Gil RECH assured all defensive rebounds. As a consequence, the gap increased to 12 points (34-46), but the lead was cut to 9 points at the end of this quarter.

The last quarter was as close as in the Macedonian game. The Slovakian team managed to come back in the game (50-53), as we missed many free throws and hesitated to attack their basket. Team effort in defence (aggressively and communication) plus the mental strength of our guys pushed us to a deserved win (54-59.

The will to win of the Luxembourgish Team was decisive in this game. A very important win for our boys who were struggling a bit in the previous games due to the lack of rotations after the injuries of Sam WOLTER and Chidi DELHOMMAIS.


MELCHIOR. N 18 pts


RECH. G 3 pts

KREPS. M 11 pts

DAVID. D 16 pts


You can find all statistics under this link:



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