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08 janvier 2019
Calendrier 2018-2019
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11 septembre 2018
DigiBou Newsletter 5 bis
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Sélection: Cadre U18 Men

Nom PhotoDate naissanceTaille Position de jeu Club affiliéClub à l'étranger
BARTHELME Maxime 2002-12-11 T71 Dudelange
BRAUN Colin 2002-04-15 1.87 Forward Sparta Bertrange
CEMAN Dino 2002-09-29 1.88 Forward T71 Dudelange
DAVID ROCHA Davy 2001-03-22 2.02 Center Etzella Ettelbruck
DELHOMMAIS Donovan 2001-02-12 1.85 Guard Etzella Ettelbruck
HANFLAND Benjamin 2002-07-08 Résidence Walferdange
KELLER Jeff 2002-02-02 T71 Dudelange
KREPS Malcolm 2001-10-11 Amicale Steinsel
LEJEUNE Antoine 2002-02-22 1.91 Guard Amicale Steinsel
MEDEOT Antoine 2002-03-15 Amicale Steinsel
MELCHIOR Noé 2001-02-25 1.78 Guard Mess
MOES Charel 2002-12-26 AB Contern
NOTHOMB Raphaël 2001-07-21 1.83 Guard/Forward T71 Dudelange
PEREIRA MEIRELES Alexandre 2001-10-09 1.91 Forward Etzella Ettelbruck
RAMOS DIAS Diogo 2002-08-22 Black Star Mersch
RECH Gil 2001-07-09 Amicale Steinsel
SCHUMANN Chris 2002-10-29 AB Contern
SOLOMON Gabriel 2002-04-27 1.82 Guard Racing Luxembourg
TANI Timo 2001-01-13 Bascharage Hedgehogs
VLAMINCK Felix 2001-05-07 Sparta Bertrange
WOLTER Sam 2001-03-16 1.83 Guard Etzella Ettelbruck

  NITTLER Christian Assistant Coach

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Actualités du cadre

06 août 2018
EC U18M - Luxembourg wins their last game and finishes at place 19



Game 8

Azerbaijan - Luxembourg   53 - 57

(16-15; 5-9; 10-15; 22-18)


A Third deserved win for our U18 national team against the team of Azerbaijan allowed us to finish the European championship at 19thplace.

Without the 1st point Guard Noé Melchior (light injury), it was tough for the coaching staff to find the best solutions on court against a very physical team (specially under the basket), but our squad was able to make a good reaction after last night game.

The game was balanced in the 1st half, in the third quarter, the teammates of Mike Feipel put more efforts in defense and executed well, the coach instructions which allowed them to take a lead by 15 points, the opponent tried to cut the deficit and catch back the score but the determination of our squad made us manage a third win in the competition. 


For Luxembourg : 

L. Tousch, N. Melchior (DNP) , J. Martins , M. Pagani (2 pts) , O. Koeune  , L. Demuth (8 pts), R. Da Cunha  , B. Kovac (23 pts) , M. Feipel (21 pts)  A. Loualiche , O. Jack (3 pts) A.MENDES


05 août 2018
EC U18M - Switzerland to strong for Luxembourg



Game 7

Switzerland - Luxembourg   90 - 47

(21-13, 16-8, 30-8, 23-18)

Our U18 National team had a hard evening against the team of Switzerland, the high number of missed shots (2/25 from 3 points line) and the lack of concentration (9/18 of free throws and 23 turnovers) were the main factors of our defeat.

Offensively our players struggled in front of the 2 3 Zone defense of the opponent. In defense, we didn’t handle the successful shots of Switzerland.

Our squad will play the last game against Azerbaijan on Sunday evening at 18:00 in gym « Sports Centre Boris TRAJKOVSKI» 


For Luxembourg : 

L. Tousch, N. Melchior (5 pts) , J. Martins( 2 pts) , M. Pagani (4 pts) , O. Koeune (1 pt) , L. Demuth (2 pts), R. Da Cunha (6 pts) , B. Kovac (11 pts) , M. Feipel (9 pts)  A. Loualiche (2 pts) , O. Jack (3 pts) A.MENDES (2 pts).


04 août 2018
Luxembourg beats Albania and will play for place 17-20

FIBA U18 Men European Championship, Division B


Game 6

Luxembourg - Albania 84 : 61

(21-12, 15-14, 26-13, 22-22)


Our U18 National team managed to beat the Team of Albania after dominating the whole game, we took the lead from the beggining , the opponent showed resistance till the end of the first half, in the second half, we succeeded to raise the gap into 30 points, we were able to control the game then let play the 12 players in order to allow the starting five to rest.

Our squad will play against Switzerland on Saturday evening at 21:00 in gym « Sports Centre Boris TRAJKOVSKI»


For Luxembourg: 
L. Tousch , N. Melchior (13 pts) , J. Martins( 3 pts) , M. Pagani (2 pts) , O. Koeune (4 pts) , L. Demuth (7 pts), R. Da Cunha (4 pts) , B. Kovac (14 pts) , M. Feipel (20 pts) A. Loualiche (2 pts) , O. Jack (15 pts) A.MENDES .



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