18 août 2017


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14 juillet 2017
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14 février 2017
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Actualités : U16 Garçons

U16 Men come up short against Macedonia
17 août 2017

Luxembourg 71-75 Macedonia

Last game in the group D could have been a win, if our guys could manage to keep the ball longer in offense and make the opponent run after the ball. The game was decisive as three teams were fighting for the 4th place in the group.

The importance of this game made our squad start the 1st quarter with a high intensity in defence and run successful fast breaks, which allowed us to lead by 6 points (8-2). Our guys imposed their own rhythm and pushed the opponent to make a lot of fouls. Unfortunately, we didn't take advantage of free throws to increase the gap. So, the Macedonian team managed to get back, equalized then took the lead with 4 points (14-18), but the good defence and the rebounds of Davy David allowed us to end this quarter with a light lead at the sore of 19-18.

In the second quarter, our squad managed to hit 2 three points shots in a row. In defence, we played a 2-3 Zone to close the middle and to force the opponent to shoot. This strategy allowed our guys to increase the gap to 20 points within 5 minutes (42-22). However, missed free throws (0/7) as well as the lack of experience of our players that resulted in bad decisions or turnovers in offense allowed Macedonia to cut the deficit to 13 points at halftime (45-32)

In the 3rd quarter, Luxembourg had again the occasion to increase the gap. However, the lead was cut to 6 due to missed easy lay ups and turnovers. Luxembourg finished the quarter strongly with some good variations in offense (penetrations and 3 points shot) and the lead was back up to 10 points.

In the last quarter, our boys knew an empty passage because of tiredness and their lack of experience (missed easy lay ups, turnovers, no box out and hesitation to attack the basket). The opponent took advantage and equalized at the score of 65-65. Macedonia took the lead two minutes before the end and finally won with 71-75.

A game that could be a win for our boys who fought hard, but unfortunately they didn't succeed to achieve it .


TANI. T 13pts

MELCHIOR. N 16 pts

VLAMINCK. F 22 pts

RECH. G 2 pts

KREPS. M 2 pts

DAVID. D 16 pts


You can find all statistics under this link:



U16 Boys lose against Kosovo
13 août 2017

Both teams were waiting for this game to realize the first win in the tournament.

The beginning was difficult for our squad as the Kosovo national team got the lead 0-6 within 3 minutes. Coach Basic took a time out and changed the defence which allowed our boys to steal many balls and transform it into successful fast breaks. Our squad could equalize at 11-11 and took the lead by 6 points (17-11) by the end of this quarter. The gap could have been bigger if we would have made our free throws.

In the second quarter, our boys forgot to box out and our opponent could score many easy points out of offensive rebounds. Furthermore, Kosovo got many free throws due to the high number of fouls committed by our player in defence. Still Luxembourg could keep the lead at first due to some interceptions (17-15). However, free throws allowed the team of Kosovo to get back in the game and to take the lead by 4 points at halftime (25-29).

In the 3rd quarter, Kosovo team started with a high aggressive defence and increased the gap to 10 points (35-25).  But our boys found a way back and equalized again at 39-39 after some good defensive work and fast breaks. However, the easy lay-up missed (1vs 0 situation) and the 5th fouls of both Dino CEMAN and Gil RECH didn't help our coaching staff to find the balance on the court and for the 3rd game rotation was so difficult. The tall players of Kosovo succeeded to get 20 offensive rebounds, they scored 19 points out a of second chances and 25 free throws from a total of 45. These details made the difference in the game as the opponent managed to win their first game by 10 points (51-61).


TANI T. 5 pts

MELCHIOR N. 17 pts

VLAMINCK F. 11 pts

RECH G. 3 pts

KREPS M. 8 pts

DAVID D. 7 pts


You can find all statistics under this link:



U16 Boys lose against Portugal
12 août 2017

Luxembourg 55 - 85 Portugal 

For the second time, our U16 national team fails to keep the lead of the beginning of the game. The two teams started the game with a full court man to man defence. Even though Sam Wolter couldn´t play due to an injury from the first game, our squad was very motivated for this game, as the opponent had the same athletic, technical and height characteristics and could also take the lead for the first eight minutes (14-8). However, the 3rd foul of Davy Rocha (our tall center) obliged Coach Basic to substitute it. Unfortunately, Chidi got injured only shortly after his entrance on the court (ankle), which made the rotations even more difficult. Portugal git thus back in the game and took the lead at the end of the first quarter (14-17).

Our guys changed the defence into a 2-3 Zone defence to push the opponent to take shots instead of penetrating but unfortunately Portugal hit many shots from the high post. Furthermore, the4th foul of Davy made our mission even more difficult. Even though Luxembourg played well in offense, the gap could not be decreased and the Portuguese team goes to halftime with a lead of 11 points.

In the 3rd quarter, we went back to an aggressive man to man defence. With three consecutive three points shots, Luxembourg could reduce the gap to 7 points. However, our U16 boys didn’t manage to close the gap due to a lack of concentration and too many turnovers. Portugal got too many easy points out of fast breaks and offensive rebounds.

The efforts of Melchior and Kreps wasn't enough to get back in the game, as Portugal continued to play aggressive and scored out of fast breaks till the end. The game ended with a gap of 30 points (55-85)

You can find all statistics under this link:



U16 Men lose their first game at the European Championship
11 août 2017

The first game was a hard task for our national team as our opponent owns tall, strong and athletic players.

The beginning of the game was equalized, both teams played an aggressive man to man defence, which makes the mission of scoring very hard. The 2-3 Zone Defence combined with successful penetration and shooting allowed us to take a lead of 8 points in the first quarter. However, the injury of Sam Wolter put the coach Basic in a bad situation. The guards had difficulties against the high pressure of the British defence (due to the absence of rotations), but our young players managed to end the first quarter leading by 5 points (13-18).

In the second quarter, our squad had difficulties in offense, hesitation made us lose too many balls. The British team took advantages of the turnovers and scored 4 times in a row from the 3 points line to increase the gap to 13 points at halftime (33-20).

The last two quarters were similar to the second one, our opponent kept scoring out of fast breaks and behind the 3 points line while we were struggling in front of their defence. Hesitation in offense and boxing out in defence were our weak points that didn’t allow us to find a way back in the game.

The end score 77-43 doesn´t reflect our players’ efforts, especially in defence.

You can find all statistics under this link:



U16 Men ready for the start of their European Championship
09 août 2017

After the U18 Men and Women, the U16 Men travel to Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, where they are going to compete with other 23 national teams the European championship from August 10th to August 19th.

The team consists of some players that has already played in this competition and players who will live their first European experience.

After a varied preparation which consisted of camps (Wiltz, Mersch), tournaments (Dussmann Trophy) and exchanges (Belgium, Slovakia and Cyprus) the boys of Kresimir BASIC and Chris WULFF seems to be ready for this event.

The U16 Men arrived safe yesterday afternoon in Sofia and had a light practice in the evening. Except some minor injuries, the squad looks in shape, has a great atmosphere and expressed their willing to defend the colours of Luxembourg in a good way. The team will do their best to win as many games as possible in order to reach a better ranking than the years before.

The squad will play in the group D with Kosovo, Great Britain, Georgia, Macedonia and Portugal.



4- Timo TANI, 13.01.01, Basket Esch

5- Sam WOLTER, 16.03.01, Etzella Ettelbruck

6- Noé MELCHIOR, 25.02.01, BC Mess

7- Felix VLAMINCK, 07.05.01, Sparta Bertrange

8- Gil RECH, 09.07.01, Amicale Steinsel

9- Malcolm KREPS, 11.10.01, Sparta Bertrange

10- Raphaël NOTHOMB, 21.07.2001, Basket Esch

11- Chidi DELHOMMAIS, 12.02.01, Etzella Ettelbruck

12- Dino CEMAN, 29.09.02, Telstar Hesperange

13- Pablo SPIGARELLI, 19.12.01, Basket Esch

14- Davy ROCHA, 22.03.01, Sparta Bertrange

15- Jonathan DIEDRICH. 25.04.03, Sparta Bertrange


Head Coach: BASIC Kresimir

Assistant Coach: WULFF Chris

Physiotherapist: SINKA Andrea

Team Manager: ANAN Majdi


Group D:



Great Britain





Group phase:

10.08. at 20h30 Great BRITAIN – Luxembourg

11.08. at 16h00 Luxemburg – Portugal

12.08. at 13h45 Luxembourg – Kosovo

14.08. at 13h45 Georgia – Luxembourg

15.08. at 20h30 Luxemburg – Macedonia


Vorbereitung auf die Europameisterschaft
03 août 2017

Zum Abschluss ihrer Vorbereitung auf die Europameisterschaft 2017 in Sofia (08.08.2017-20.08.2017), verbrachten die Jungs der Altersklasse U16M vom 31.07.2017 bis 03.08.2017 ein Trainingslager in der zypriotischen Hauptstadt in Nikosia.

Das Trainingslager wurde hauptsächlich angesetzt um unter Wettkampfbedingungen die bevorstehende EM zu simulieren. Neben dem Feld galt es als Mannschaft zusammen zu wachsen, und sich zwischenmenschlich zu entwickeln, um sich später als Team den sportlichen Herausforderungen stellen zu können. Die Schwerpunkte im Trainingsplan sahen vor, die sowohl individuellen als auch mannschaftlich-taktischen Bewegungsabläufe zu optimieren und zu verinnerlichen.

Neben den Trainingseinheiten, welche jeweils morgens stattfanden, bestritt die luxemburgische Mannschaft ausserdem 2 Trainingsspiele gegen ihre Altersgenossen aus Zypern. In der ersten Begegnung gelang es den "roud Léiwen" aus Luxemburg leider nur das erste Viertel erfolgreich zu bestreiten. Nach 10 Minuten führten sie mit 17-20. Danach mussten sie sich der sehr aggressiv agierenden Mannschaft aus Zypern mehr und mehr geschlagen geben, und am Ende gab es dann auch eine, aufgrund der schlechten Leistung, verdient hohe Niederlage.

Nach einer erneuten Trainingseinheit am Morgen stand am dritten Tag das zweite Spiel an. Die Luxemburger Spieler hatten sich fest vorgenommen ihre schwache Leistung vom Vorabend vergessen zu lassen, und starteten mit einem positiven Lauf ins Spiel (0-6). Es war der Auftakt zu einem sehr aggressiv und physisch geführten Spiel, bei dem die luxemburgische Mannschaft früh mit Fehlern zu kämpfen hatte, und die Inselaner immer an der Grenze des Erlaubten agierten. Besonders im Rebound kauften die Zyprioten den Luxemburgern ein ums andere Mal den Schneid ab, und kamen zu zweiten oder dritten Chancen im Angriff. Zur Hälfte noch in Führung liegend (30-36) reichte ein schlechtes drittes Viertel um am Ende das Spielfeld doch noch als Verlierer verlassen zu müssen (68-60), obwohl die 3 anderen Viertel gewonnen werden konnten. Für die Spieler aus dem Grossherzogtum war der Trip nach Zypern ein wichtiger Schritt auf dem Weg zur EM.

So mussten sie zum Beispiel auf harte Weise lernen, dass der Erfolg nur über eine aufopferungsvolle Defensive der gesamten Mannschaft führen kann. Aggressive, variable Defense gepaart mit Mut, Selbstvertrauen, Mannschaftsgeist und Disziplin sind die Eckpfeiler unseres Spiels. Dass wir uns den Respekt der Gegner schwer erarbeiten müssen, sollte demnach klar geworden sein. Nicht weniger als 54 Fehler standen am Ende des Spiels an der Anzeigetafel. Nach der Rückreise am Donnerstag gilt es sich schnellstmöglich zu erholen, stehen doch am Samstag, Sonntag und Montag noch 4 weitere Trainings an, bevor die Mannschaft der U16M zur EM nach Sofia aufbricht.


U15 Men aus Irland auf Besuch in Luxemburg
07 juillet 2017

Vom 8. bis zum 10. Juli findet ein Austausch zwischen der Irischen U15 Nationalmannschaft und den luxemburgischen U16 und U15 Mannschaften im INS statt.



Samstag, 8. Juli

15h30 Ireland 1 – U16M Luxembourg, INS

17h30 Ireland 2 – U15M Luxembourg, INS


Sonntag, 9. Juli

15h30 Ireland 1 – U15M Luxembourg, INS

17h30 Ireland 2 – U16M Luxembourg, INS


Montag, 10. Juli

18h30 Ireland – U15M Luxembourg, INS


U16 Men Luxembourg:




KREPS Malcolm









U16/ U15 Men Luxembourg:

ARENDT Mathieu












THILL Damien



Head Coach: Kresimir Basic

Assistant Coach: Chris Wulff


Une victoire pour le Luxembourg
22 août 2016

Écosse – Luxembourg 59:68

(15-13, 17-27, 9-13, 18-15)

Les lions gagnent !!!

En luttant comme de vrais lions, Ben Kovac, 28 points et 13 rebonds, ont gagnés contre l’Écosse. Après un premier quart équilibré (15-13), l'équipe a montré de l'esprit et de la volonté pour gagner cette dernière partie. Durant le 2ième quart, ils ont fait la différence (17-27) et ont garder le match en leurs mains pendant le temps restant et ainsi emporter une victoire méritée.

Bravo pour toute l'équipe, les coaches et accompagnants pour l'énergie et volonté démontrée pendant ces dernières 40 minutes de ce Championnat d’Europe U16 Boys 2016.

L'équipe et le staff tiennent à remercier aux responsables de la FLBB, pour tout le support, ce qui nous permis de vivre cette aventure, si merveilleuse ici en Bulgarie.

Les U16 Boys de la FLBB et le staff.

Points : Kreps Malcolm 0, Wolter Sam 4, Melchior Noé 0, Martin Joé 9, Mendes Axel 0, Pagani Moreno 7, Koeune Olivier 3, Delhommais Chidi (DNP), Gentil Da Cunha Ruben 8, Kovac Ben 28 (4x3 points), Zenner Eric 7 (1), David Rocha Davy 2


L'Islande bat le Luxembourg
22 août 2016

Luxembourg – Islande 66:73

(16-18, 20-20, 14-19, 16-16)

Le Luxembourg vient d'encaisser sa septième défaite d’affilée. Notre équipe en permettant aux Islandais beaucoup de deuxième même troisième chances en attaque. Même un avantage de 10 points, pendant le deuxième quart n'a pas rassuré notre équipe et les Islandais pouvaient reprendre le retard en dedans de quelques minutes et menaient jusqu'à la fin de la rencontre. De nouveau les U16 Boys se permettaient le luxe de 22 pertes de balles. Les Islandais en prenant 20 rebonds offensifs et arrivaient à les transformer en 19 points. De nouveau notre adversaire nous marquait 40 points dans le paint.

Les U16 Boys continueront le tournoi demain à 15 heures face à l’équipe de l’Écosse pour éviter la dernière place du tournoi.

Points : Kreps Malcolm 0, Wolter Sam 10 (2x3 points), Melchior Noé 0, Martin Joé 5, Mendes Axel 8, Pagani Moreno 8 (2), Koeune Olivier 2, Delhommais Chidi (DNP), Gentil Da Cunha Ruben 7 (1), Kovac Ben 20, Zenner Eric 4, David Rocha Davy 2


Le Luxembourg a perdu le premier match pour le classement
19 août 2016

Irlande – Luxembourg 76:74

(21-17, 18-28, 13-17, 24-12)

A la 33ième minute le Luxembourg perd Ben Kovac et la partie contre l’Irlande.

Bonne réaction des lions luxembourgeois face à l’Irlande. Après la déception contre le Danemark, les U16 Boys voulaient se racheter contre l'équipe de l’Irlande. Ils menaient la danse pendant 33 minutes. A ce moment, les arbitres sifflaient à Ben Kovac la deuxième faute technique et ceci deux fois à cause de simulation d'une faute défensive. A ce moment nos joueurs menaient encore de 6 points. Mais en fin de compte on n'arrivait pas à sortir gagnant de la rencontre. A 74:74 et encore 24 secondes au chrono, on était encore en possession de la balle. Suite à une mauvaise passe des luxembourgeois, les Irlandais ont accepté le cadeau, pour marquer sur contre-attaque les points de la victoire.

On voyait notre équipe très combattante et engagée, mais on remarquait de nouveau le problème des derniers matches. 40 points dans le paint et 24 points suite à des Turnovers luxembourgeois ont pesés lourdement lors du décompte final.

Les U16 Boys continueront leur chemin au tournoi demain à 15 heures face à l’équipe de l'Islande.

Points : Kreps Malcolm (DNP), Wolter Sam 0, Melchior Noé (DNP), Martin Joé 14, Mendes Axel (DNP), Pagani Moreno 18 (1 Dreier), Koeune Olivier 5 (1), Delhommais Chidi (DNP), Gentil Da Cunha Ruben 19, Kovac Ben 12 (2), Zenner Eric 4, David Rocha Davy 2


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